How Digitalization & Electrification Improve Efficiency In Fluid Power

This white paper reviews the electrified technology's changes to the fluid power industry, input from leading industry experts on challenges, and the industry's future direction.

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Digitalization & Electrification presents:

Fluid power's anticipated growth and increased demand for electrified solutions offer an exciting opportunity for industry participants. Engineers have already begun preparing for the transition to electrification by challenging the scope of what has been possible through increased digitalization. However, it remains critical to balance pursuing the benefits of technology with the end goal of all of this dynamic change. The overall goal is a simple concept that manufacturers can achieve through many paths: improved efficiency.

You will learn:

 How recent efficiency through digitalization can improve efficiencies of the processes
 How IoT/AI, supply chain, R&D and safety play a role in digitalization
 Best approaches to design systems for electrification
 What the future holds for digitalization and electrification in the fluid power industry
Tech Advancements Driving the Fluid Power Market Forward


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