Exhibit Space Sales OPEN!
IFPE 2020 exhibit space sales are now open! On May 7, an email was sent to the primary tradeshow contact within your organization informing you of the rates, deadlines and instructions to apply for exhibit space. Remember to get your application in before August 15, 2018, to receive your priority space number and participate in the priority space draw. If you did not receive the sales opening email, please contact Show Management at sales@ifpe.com.
Priority Hotel Request Site to Open September 24, 2018

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in the priority exhibitor housing process IFPE 2020. This process enables you to request rooms at prime Las Vegas hotels prior to the opening of general exhibitor and attendee housing.

All exhibiting companies who submit an exhibit space application and the 25% deposit by the priority deadline of August 15, 2018, are eligible to participate in Priority Housing:

  • Housing requests accepted until November 26, 2018
  • Requests assigned in accordance with the same priority number used in the allocation of exhibit space
  • Hotel assignment notifications sent in late January, 2019

If you do not receive your password letter on September 24, contact customer service at 800-867-6060 to request that it be resent.

For more information on requirements to participate and how the process works, visit the Hotel Information page on our website.