Fluid Power Trends and Technologies

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The Case for Electrification on Mobile Machines

The increase in electrification is nothing new — even consumer markets have seen the transition from gas-powered to battery-powered in items like lawn mowers and power tools. Many are enthralled with Tesla after the rapid growth of its electric vehicle business over the last decade ... Continue Reading

Assessing Industrial Hydraulic System Efficiency

Fluid power engineers and users seem to understand that energy efficiency is an admirable goal. But maybe it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Let’s look at efficiency in terms of dollars and cents to add a bit of perspective. In 2018 ... Continue Reading

Electromobility and Powertrain Optimization

No one wants to wake up with the sound of a diesel engine outside their window anymore. Electromobility is a key topic throughout the mobile-equipment industry today. What’s behind the push for electrification? One of the key drivers is the increased ... Continue Reading

Mastering Fluid Power Efficiency with Industrial IoT

This is both a simple and deceptively dense question for production managers and maintenance personnel. Without any operating or performance data, the answer to this question remains straightforward; they’re either working or they’re not. But we know that there is a large chasm of performance between... Continue Reading

Enabling Electrohydraulic Automation of Machine Functions

The project aim was to design a system that enabled automated and digital electrohydraulic control of any pilot-operated excavator. The system would have to integrate with the existing hydraulic circuit on any machine and not replace the main control valve. Our performance target was to produce a full-speed automated grade with ... Continue Reading

How to Control and Limit Contamination in a Hydraulic System

You hear a lot in the hydraulic field how a majority of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to some kind of contamination. In the beginning of my career, I spent a lot of time repairing hydraulic pumps and motors. From a repair point of view, close to 100 percent of all the failures looked at that were attributed to ... Continue Reading