Fluid Power Trends and Technologies

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Electromobility and Powertrain Optimization

No one wants to wake up with the sound of a diesel engine outside their window anymore. Electromobility is a key topic throughout the mobile-equipment industry today. What’s behind the push for electrification? One of the key drivers is the increased ... Continue Reading

Mastering Fluid Power Efficiency with Industrial IoT

This is both a simple and deceptively dense question for production managers and maintenance personnel. Without any operating or performance data, the answer to this question remains straightforward; they’re either working or they’re not. But we know that there is a large chasm of performance between... Continue Reading

Enabling Electrohydraulic Automation of Machine Functions

The project aim was to design a system that enabled automated and digital electrohydraulic control of any pilot-operated excavator. The system would have to integrate with the existing hydraulic circuit on any machine and not replace the main control valve. Our performance target was to produce a full-speed automated grade with ... Continue Reading

How to Control and Limit Contamination in a Hydraulic System

You hear a lot in the hydraulic field how a majority of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to some kind of contamination. In the beginning of my career, I spent a lot of time repairing hydraulic pumps and motors. From a repair point of view, close to 100 percent of all the failures looked at that were attributed to ... Continue Reading