Evaluating Sensor Performance Metrics

Oxygen sensor O2 in the exhaust pipe for calculating the ingredients in the engine system

“New sensor technologies have allowed the machinery user, the machine purchaser, and the machinery operator to achieve higher degrees of energy efficiency, more accurate work and safer working,” says Carl Dyke, Founder of LunchBox Sessions, a leading interactive learning service for hydraulic and electronic skills.

Sensors are devices that measure, detect, or respond to some type of input from the environment or changes to that environment over time, he explains. Sensors can work with technologies like GPS location and computer technology. Sensors can be used to, among other things, measure rotational speed, perform linear positioning and rotary positioning, and gauge fluid pressures and fluid flow rates.

Sensor technologies can include ultrasound, the hall effect, lasers, piezoelectric elements, and magnetostrictive linear positioning to deliver data and signals that can be used in a vast scope of applications for various purposes, adds Dyke.

Due to the extensive breadth of use cases and capabilities of sensors, Dyke will dive deep into sensor technologies, how they work, and their numerous applications during his full education session featured at the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE) 2023.

“My session is going to be very visual,” Dyke points out. “It’s not your typical session, I do not do PowerPoint presentations.” At LunchBox Sessions, we made it our primary goal to bring a lot more interactivity – both visually and functionally – to our training material rather than just use slides.”


Co-located within CONEXPO-CON/AGG, IFPE provides an unmatched opportunity to harness the power of in-person connection. Engineers can meet with potential partners to discuss processes for streamlining the integration of sensors with hydraulic systems, all with the latest innovations in fluid power at their fingertips.

Learn more about the show and the endless possibilities that come with collaboration on the front lines of fluid power. Take advantage of discounted rates available and register for IFPE 2023 today

About the speaker

Carl Dyke headshotDyke became fascinated with electricity in the fifth grade. “Probably the reason I have curly hair is that I often buzzed myself with household line voltages that I should not have been touching.” Growing up in a lumber, logging, and sawmill family, he sought ways to automate the work, plus make the work safer.

Dyke produced his first fully automated application to make sawmill work safer in the 1980s. “That was the start of a lifelong fascination with trying to use sensor technology to get more accurate, safer work and better productivity out of machinery.”

An industrial mechanic and electronic technician, who for a time taught industrial arts in high schools, he has more than 40 years of hands-on experience with all kinds of machinery.

In 1999, he founded CD Industrial Group (CDIG) and serves as its chief educational officer. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, CDIG is an industrial training company that teaches hydraulic and electrical troubleshooting.

“LunchBox Sessions was created because exposure to the abundance of interactive learning materials CDIG created to support its courses was limited to the number of training classes held each year,” he says.

Dyke, who hosted an education session at  one of the previous IFPE shows, says the event is “very worthwhile because it provides plenty of opportunities to learn about the latest product innovations, industry technology, and equipment. There is so much to see, do and learn.”

IFPE’s comprehensive education program is the leading source for executives, engineers, manufacturing plant and operation leads, technicians, mechanics, and other fluid power professionals covering the latest technical topics and trends. Click here for more information.


Mark your calendar for IFPE, March 14-18, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and take advantage of discounted rates available and register for IFPE 2023 today

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